Our Philosophy

Ostby Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic treatment to patients of all ages.  We specialize in creating beautiful, healthy smiles with a strong commitment to understanding each patient's needs.  It is our goal that each of our patients will experience a warm, caring and friendly environment that emphasizes quality patient care, patient education and professionalism.  Our extensive training and attention to detail are the foundations upon which we build beautiful, healthy smiles.

The emphasis of our orthodontic treatment is to provide the most esthetic result while improving the health of gums and function of teeth.  Our treatment plans at Ostby Orthodontics are completely customized to address each patient's unique needs.  In order to develop an individualized treatment plan that will lead to optimal treatment results, it is crucial to understand that treatment varies from individual to individual, based on patient desires and the options available.  It is also often important to consider and discuss the concerns and desires of your general dentist.  At Ostby Orthodontics, patient education always plays a crucial role in the success of treatment.  Keeping all of this in mind, we take the necessary time to fully educate patients and their families in the various orthodontic treatment options we have to offer for their specific situation.  Together, we will develop the most appropriate customized treatment plan.

Excellent oral hygiene is imperative – before, during and after treatment – to minimize unnecessary deleterious effects of treatment on the dentition.  We recommend that our patients continue to see their dentist for routine exams and cleanings throughout their orthodontic treatment.

On Extraction of Teeth:

Non-extraction treatment alternatives will always be considered first when developing a treatment plan for our patients.  However, in certain situations, the extraction of permanent teeth is necessary to properly accommodate the remaining teeth within the dental arches.  The removal of a couple of teeth from one jaw may also be offered as a treatment alternative to jaw surgery to improve the relationship between the upper and lower teeth.

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