Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age.  Greater numbers of adults are seeking orthodontic treatment as they become increasingly aware of the benefits of modern orthodontics.  At Ostby Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in listening carefully to the concerns and desires of each patient.  We offer several alternative appliance systems, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign®, to provide quality care that is more esthetic and less conspicuous for our discerning patients.  Furthermore, the office's flexible hours make adult treatment attainable even for those with busy lifestyles.  It is never too late to embrace your smile!

Teeth can become crowded in time, even in people who never previously had braces.  Oftentimes, simple orthodontic therapy is the answer to gaining or regaining a healthy smile.  Orthodontic treatment can also improve facial balance and reduce the signs of aging.  Our teeth provide the support structure for the soft tissue of the lower face.  Sometimes, by simply repositioning the teeth, skin can appear tighter and lips can appear fuller.

With fewer office visits, and the availability of esthetic braces, there is no reason why adults shouldn't obtain the smile they have always wanted.

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